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In CHARMING MARBELLA we are committed to customer satisfaction, so our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in all sectors of our business, especially in real estate intermediation.
In addition to sales and rentals, our services include property management, sale of commercial premises and investment properties including land for developments, plots for single-family homes and advisory services for investors and developers.

Legal Services

We take the stress out of buying a property in Spain by offering a range of legal services and by managing all the paperwork regarding a purchase or sale. We work hand in hand with experts in the legal field, both lawyers and tax advisors so that the purchase and sale operations are concluded successfully. Our team will advise and represent you throughout the entire process, from the initial phase, with the drafting / preparation of the various private contracts relating to real estate business, until the day of the signing of the Title Deed in Notary and the subsequent registration of your property in the Land Registry. We will also take care of the request of your N.I.E. (Foreigner Identity Number) necessary requirement for the opening of a bank account in your name in a spanish entity.

In collaboration with:

Franco Abogados is uniquely positioned as one of Marbella’s leading boutique law firms with the following practice areas: Real Estate Law, Tax Advising, Corporate Law and Inheritance. Over 25 years, attention to detail, high-quality service and a no-nonsense approach has helped them successfully guide people from around the world.
Abril Abogados was born as a professional firm in 2001, acquiring in a short time an outstanding and consolidated position in the field of legal and registry services in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property Law. The experience and knowledge of the market by the founders, acquired by their years of work and expertise in this area, has allowed Abril Abogados to be one of the law firms with the highest growth in a shorter period of time, in the Spanish legal sector.

Construction and Refurbishment

We have a broad portfolio of construction professionals, including architects, engineers, surveyors, construction companies, in order that you will always feel confident and supported by our industry partners. If you wish to carry out a complete refurbishment of your property, we will advise you throughout the process. We have a qualified team that will make sure that your property is built to high standards and complies with all building regulations.

Interior Design

Are you thinking of redecorating your home? Let us help you by offering you the best interior design, decoration and furniture services so that you can realise the idea you have always wanted in your home.

Property Management

Valuation of your property, management on your behalf in the different Public Administrations, processing and monitoring of receipts, taxes and payments in relation to your home and maintenance, counting on a demanding multidisciplinary team adapted to your needs and your property features.

Let us help you feel at ease and enjoy life in Marbella without having to worry about anything else.

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