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Sotogrande and Valderrama


In this day and age, when we speak of Sotogrande, we speak of luxury, boats, elegant sports such as golf and polo, we speak of prime locations and we speak of virgin beaches.

Let us trace back to 1962, when Joseph McMicking, ex-colonel of the US Army during WWII, turned to his cousin Freddy Melian, promoter of Forbes Park, the exclusive condominium in Manila, with the goal of finding an enclave near the sea, to develop a similar vacational resort. Riding on a motorbike, Melian set to explore the Spanish Mediterranean coast, where he found what he was seeking- a place with virgin beaches, and well-connected to an airport.

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The New Broadway


Marbella and La Costa del Sol have always been known for luxury and lifestyle, which attracts quality visitors with high purchasing power. Málaga is currently one of the cities in Spain with the highest range of cultural and museum options, which reflects the fact that so many are betting large on this region.

It was barely a few weeks ago that the news of Antonio Banderas opening a theatre became official. The opening will be in Autumn, supported by big names in the industry. His right-hand man and director of the theatre will be Luis Pasqual.

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Think big… Think Marbella


The president of tourism of the Costa del Sol, says that forecasts point to the destination surpassing this year, for the first time, the barrier of 13 million visitors.

The Costa del Sol draws a good scenario for the summer. And it does so after closing the best winter in its history. The forecasts already point to that this year will get to overcome for the first time the barrier of 13 million tourists, which will mean an increase of 4.1% over the previous year. A low season in which tourism results have managed to lower in three points the seasonality.

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Marbella… The Cradle of Sport.


Thanks to its wonderful climate and the cultural diversity of its residents and tourists, Marbella hosts year after year a multitude of international sporting events.

Taking golf as an icon of the Marbella´s sport, there are many, and increasingly renowned, events and championships that take place in its well-known and acclaimed courses, El Valle del Golf, Rio Real ( ), Guadalmina ( ) Finca Cortesin or Los Flamingos. As examples of internationally attractive golf courses, the Ladies Open Marbella ( ) or the European Senior Championship are some of the tournaments that athletes from all over the world come to play and enjoy.

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Marbella Still On The Top


After a winter with spectacular numbers of visitors, Marbella is still going through a glorious moment in terms of tourism and property development.

Groups and investment funds from all over the world are betting every day on this small micro-world in southern Europe, making possible a wide and varied offer of properties, both resale and new construction, in all aspects, from traditional style properties, Arabic, colonial and contemporary … Currently as far as new project is concerned, properties are adapted and in tune with the environment, eco-efficient with straight lines, large windows, high quality design and construction to attract customers with more investment capacity.

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Taxes and expenses of a purchase of a property


The corresponding taxes involved in the purchase process will vary according to the type of the property, the amount of the sale price and the seller’s condition.

The Patrimonial Transfer Tax (ITP): This tax will always be paid by the buyer for the acquisition of any type of property, but it will not be applicable in properties of first transmission and in which the seller is a developer or a company whose corporate purpose is the promotion and sale of real estate. The applicable percentage will vary depending on the purchase price of the property and will be according to sections. The first tranche is 8% and will be applicable up to the amount of € 400,000. The second tranche is 9% and will be applicable to the amount between € 400,000 and € 700,000. The third tranche is 10% and will be applicable to any amount higher than € 700,000. Exceptionally, in the purchase of garages that are independent registry properties of the dwelling, the instalments will be of 8% up to the amount of € 30,000, of 9% to the amount comprised between € 30,000 and € 50,000 and of 10% to any amount more than € 50,000.

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Charming Marbella Services


In CHARMING MARBELLA we are committed to customer satisfaction, so our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in all sectors of our business, especially in real estate intermediation.

In addition to sales and rentals, our services include property management, sale of commercial premises and investment properties including land for developments, plots for single-family homes and advisory services for investors and developers.

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Spring in Marbella… What else?


For lovers of sun, sea and sunsets, Spring in Marbella is the perfect time where these three ingredients merge and create a magical environment.

Mainly due to the climate, also known as “microclimate”, the temperature is ideal, warm during the day and something cooler as the sun goes down and at dusk. It is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the wonderful sunsets, contemplating Africa and the Strait of Gibraltar, the gateway to Europe.

You cannot ignore the vegetation, the trees bearing fruit, the flowers in their full splendour and the wonderful smell of orange blossom captivate the Old Town of Marbella.

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Marbella… will always be Marbella.

hotel El Fuerte

Let us take you back to the beginnings of Marbella, a small, charming fishing village to the East of Malaga, which was liberated from piracy in 1830, after the French conquest of northern Europe, when it was known as Magreb.

It was discovered by Spanish aristocrats in the 30s, as part of the “Grand Tour”, in which tradesmen and travellers from the United States and northern Europe stopped to admire the marvellous mountain ranges and stunning Mediterranean coasts before parting for Greece or Italy. It was with the arrival of this Jet Set wave that Marbella became an international hub for glamour.

A few years later, prince Alfonso Von Hohenlohe established himself in an estate east of the village, where he built a villa and, later, a guesthouse that would later become the renowned Marbella Club Hotel.

Famous for its style and location, Marbella Club Hotel became a hot destination for celebrities and high society, from Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot, Gunilla Von Bismark, Jaime de Mora y Aragon and Sean Connery, to the Saudi royalty and European high aristocracy.

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The importance of being represented by a real-estate agency


Personalised assessment and advice about the current market focused on a variety of needs and areas.

After years of experience in the field, we count with a team of professionals who are highly experienced in assessing and advising clients when acquiring a property, keeping in mind the necessities of the client, the wide variety of available offers in the market and the preferred areas in which to invest.

We are an agency which is more interested in quality than in quantity, setting ourselves aside from the rest, giving a personalised service, dedicated only to understanding and satisfying the needs of the customer, greatly valuing the confidence granted to us.

After the first contact with the customer, during which we will study in depth what the budget the customer has in mind is, what the inversion is intended for, what preferences they have regarding type of home, number of bedrooms, proximity to the sea, golf, historic centre…

Our work begins in analyzing the market, taking into account the current stability, forecasting the progress and level of development of the different areas of the coast. Attending to the budget of each investment we can offer different options and business alternatives.

Our objective is to form a relationship based on trust and professionalism where we represent and advice our customers until the final process of acquisition, always appreciating the importance investing abroad and the time optimization that this requires on our part.

“We work in the hands of experts in legal matters, lawyers as well as accountants, so that our sales operations are completed successfully.”

Our word, our bond… Let’s do business together!

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Charming Marbella. Who We Are


CHARMING MARBELLA is a Swiss company with broad and varied experience in the real estate sector. We have been providing an exclusive, high-quality service to those wishing to acquire a home in Marbella, and in all of Costa del Sol, for over 15 years.

Aside from the sale and rental of homes, our services include property management, sale of commercial premises, and investment properties including lands for developments, plots for single-family homes and consulting services for investors and promoters.

 CHARMING MARBELLA specialises in the Swiss and northern European market, due to its professional track record, however, we always provide the best service to all of our clients. Our personalised services distinguish us from other businesses in the field.

At CHARMING MARBELLA, we are committed to the clients’ satisfaction, which is why our team is formed of professionals with vast experience in every aspect of our activity, especially in Real Estate brokerage.

CHARMING MARBELLA always aims for clear, concise, transparent and secure communication for our clients, buyers and sellers. Our know-how approach allows for our clients to always obtain the best results after being advised by us.

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