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Think big… Think Marbella


The president of tourism of the Costa del Sol, says that forecasts point to the destination surpassing this year, for the first time, the barrier of 13 million visitors.

The Costa del Sol draws a good scenario for the summer. And it does so after closing the best winter in its history. The forecasts already point to that this year will get to overcome for the first time the barrier of 13 million tourists, which will mean an increase of 4.1% over the previous year. A low season in which tourism results have managed to lower in three points the seasonality.

Much of this increase will be in the hands of domestic tourism, but also foreign markets, including the United Kingdom. The expectation of winning British tourists is great news given the uncertainty that opened with the ˋBrexit´ and that, for now, has not been felt.

In 2019 the Costa del Sol will take a new leap, not only in surpassing the number of tourists, but in the increase in expenditure of the same, which last year stood at 14.800 million. Costa del Sol Tourism has activated a promotion that has sought that profile of traveler with great spending capacity.

This measure has felt remarkably in the real estate sector, the promoters bet for properties of more value and quality, focused on this type of visitors with more purchasing power.

The challenge is to give priority to earning more in income than in the volume of travelers.

The Costa del Sol closes the best winter in its history and expects 7.3 million tourists this summer, you can see in the atmosphere, the climate is fantastic and already feels that this summer will give much to talk about.