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Spring in Marbella… What else?


For lovers of sun, sea and sunsets, Spring in Marbella is the perfect time where these three ingredients merge and create a magical environment.

Mainly due to the climate, also known as “microclimate”, the temperature is ideal, warm during the day and something cooler as the sun goes down and at dusk. It is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the wonderful sunsets, contemplating Africa and the Strait of Gibraltar, the gateway to Europe.

You cannot ignore the vegetation, the trees bearing fruit, the flowers in their full splendour and the wonderful smell of orange blossom captivate the Old Town of Marbella.

Spring in Marbella is accompanied by numerous socio-cultural events, restaurants organising and announcing the start of the season with their famous “Summer Opening Parties“, in the beach clubs such as “La Cabane” , “Nikki Beach”, “El Chiringuito” of Puente Romano…

In mid-April, “La Semana Santa” Holy Week arrives in Marbella, a Catholic tradition where the Passion of Jesus Christ is remembered, the streets are dressed for the occasion and the atmosphere is magnificent, tourists from all cultures value and enjoy this moment.

The golf courses are packed in spring, visitors from all over the world travel to Marbella looking for the disconnection provided by the environment and this wonderful sport.

Thanks to the pleasant temperature, Marbella offers a multitude of leisure activities, water sports, promenades, excursions to “La Concha”, the beautiful coastline of Cadiz in Tarifa at 90min only, the possibility of skiing in the well-known Sierra Nevada resort …

Spring is an ideal time to plan your trip to Marbella, the days are longer and is ideal for visiting properties.