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Sotogrande and Valderrama


In this day and age, when we speak of Sotogrande, we speak of luxury, boats, elegant sports such as golf and polo, we speak of prime locations and we speak of virgin beaches.

Let us trace back to 1962, when Joseph McMicking, ex-colonel of the US Army during WWII, turned to his cousin Freddy Melian, promoter of Forbes Park, the exclusive condominium in Manila, with the goal of finding an enclave near the sea, to develop a similar vacational resort. Riding on a motorbike, Melian set to explore the Spanish Mediterranean coast, where he found what he was seeking- a place with virgin beaches, and well-connected to an airport.

It was then that Sotogrande was created, a place where, according to McMicking, friendship and trust would reign. Close relatives began to introduce the culture of sport, encouraging the development of polo, golf and watersports in Sotogrande.

The crown jewel of European golf-clubs can be found in Sotogrande. It was designed in 1975 by Robert Trent Jones, and named Las Aves, later to be redesigned by Jones himself by order of Jaime Ortiz-Patiño in 1985, to create what we now know as Valderrama, one of the few courses which has stood the test of time.

Valderrama was already an admired course, hosting the Volvo Masters for 20 years, but its legend grew and transcended Spanish borders when it hosted the Ryder Cup in 1997. Celebrities like Steve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, Miguel Angel Jimenez have enjoyed this marvelous icon of global golf for years.

This year, and for the next five years, the Andalucía Masters will be celebrated here. Sergio Garcia has confirmed that he will defend the title and will, once again, serve as host though his Foundation. Other predicted attendees to the tournament are Jon Rahm, team-mate at the Ryder Cup 2018.

Sotogrande still remains in the leading elite of sports, and is a benchmark for golf and polo on a global scale. Its development is magnificent, with large and varied groups of foreign investors betting on this prime location for the construction of complexes and homes destined for luxury.