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The importance of being represented by a real-estate agency


Personalised assessment and advice about the current market focused on a variety of needs and areas.

After years of experience in the field, we count with a team of professionals who are highly experienced in assessing and advising clients when acquiring a property, keeping in mind the necessities of the client, the wide variety of available offers in the market and the preferred areas in which to invest.

We are an agency which is more interested in quality than in quantity, setting ourselves aside from the rest, giving a personalised service, dedicated only to understanding and satisfying the needs of the customer, greatly valuing the confidence granted to us.

After the first contact with the customer, during which we will study in depth what the budget the customer has in mind is, what the inversion is intended for, what preferences they have regarding type of home, number of bedrooms, proximity to the sea, golf, historic centre…

Our work begins in analyzing the market, taking into account the current stability, forecasting the progress and level of development of the different areas of the coast. Attending to the budget of each investment we can offer different options and business alternatives.

Our objective is to form a relationship based on trust and professionalism where we represent and advice our customers until the final process of acquisition, always appreciating the importance investing abroad and the time optimization that this requires on our part.

“We work in the hands of experts in legal matters, lawyers as well as accountants, so that our sales operations are completed successfully.”

Our word, our bond… Let’s do business together!

Franco Abogados ( is uniquely positioned as one of Marbella’s leading boutique law firms with the following practice areas: Real Estate Law, Tax Advising, Corporate Law and Inheritance.

Over 25 years, attention to detail, high-quality service and a no-nonsense approach has helped them successfully guide people from around the world.

They solve your matter by thinking outside of the box and solving complex cases with innovative solutions as soon as possible. 

If you want peace of mind when making one of the most important purchases of your lifetime, you should consider speaking with an experienced real estate attorney. The Franco Abogados Team will be happy to assist you.