Charming Marbella - Rio Real
Charming Marbella

Why Rio Real?

As Mexican poet José Gorostiza Alcalá said in one of his poems,

“The sea, the sea!
I feel it inside me.
Just by thinking
of it, so mine,
my thoughts taste like salt.”

The “salt” of Marbella has been, and will always be, the Rio Real area, a zone of great prestige, located very close to the historical centre of the city.

This serene enclave is situated on the frontline of the beach walk, with mountain views and that much-sought particularity: tranquillity.

Rio Real is characterised for being an exceptionally well-kept, quiet compound, with an excellent track-record, which has permitted it to maintain its prestige and elegance.

The properties and lifestyle which this area provides are of absolute peace, beautiful golf-facing communities, independent villas and marvellous green, wooded zones.

Since the 50s, when Marbella caught the eye of the world’s celebrities for the first time, this luxury spot in La Costa del Sol has been a synonym of glamour. Notwithstanding, while some celebrities court the paparazzi and enjoy their moment at the centre of everybody’s gaze, others try to evade them. Like this, one of the most famous actresses of the 50s, Deborah Kerr, found her private refuge in Río Real in Marbella. She arrived in Rio Real in search for serenity, remaining there for 35 years.

Rio Real’s renowned golf course of 18 holes is one of the most emblematic in Marbella, comprising a descent from Hotel Río Real to the sandy beach of Bahía de Marbella, where it adjoins with the marvellous Trocadero Arena restaurant.

The golf course is nestled in a privileged part of Marbella, at only 5 minutes from the city centre. Inaugurated in 1965, it flows by the river Rio Real of which it derives its name, which in turn serves as an integral part of the golf course, accompanying it to its mouth by the Mediterranean Sea.

In these difficult times, while some countries such as Spain start to relax their lockdowns, we feel the necessity to feel alive again, and we’re itching to return to the lifestyle we knew before.

One of the pleasant activities we can retake is golfing. The opening of many golf courses has been permitted. Golfers justifiably celebrate this re-opening, because perhaps more than any sport, golf brings many benefits during these complicated covid-19 times. Keeping your distance from other players is simple in a golf course with 18 holes like that of Rio Real.

After weeks of confinement, there is nothing better than the radiant sun of La Costa del Sol and fresh air with a touch of Mediterranean breeze… Rio Real is certainly one of these places.