Charming Marbella

A walk through Puerto Banus, Marbella’s famous boardwalk

We find ourselves in the Puerto Deportivo of Marbella, the epicentre of the waterfront within the city centre, and we prepare to wander the beautiful Marbella coastline up til Puerto Banus.

This makes for a magical stroll along the beach through the marble promenade, in summer, as in winter, in both starry night and bright blue day.

As we advance through, we can appreciate the variety and quality of the gastronomic and hotelier options, needless to say the swaying palm trees, the scene in which we find ourselves, like a postcard, the African coast beyond the horizon, the Gibraltar Strait and then, the crown jewel, the Concha Peak.

Walking the streets of the “Gil” area, an area renowned for its use of marble in construction and balconied buildings by the beach, we arrive at Hotel Don Pepe , where we can stop for coffee at the cosy Café Cappuccino . We continue on our way to Milla de Oro , where coveted beach bars and first-line villas of astounding worth envelop the beach, leading back to Puerto Banus, leaving on our path the Marbella Club hotel, Puente Romano Hotel and a wonderful forest, until Victors Beach, where stopping to enjoy the sunset is tradition.

We return to Puerto Banus, the nucleus of glamour and luxury, where personalities, celebrities with their yachts, luxury shops and exorbitant cars, merge and mingle all the way to the lighthouse.

What a walk full of wonder, the essence of this fisherman’s village, today denominated as one of the luxury capitals of the world.