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Golden Visa

A Golden Visa is one of the most attractive ways to obtain Spanish residence.

This type of residence visa is the easiest way for a non-EU citizen to be able to legally reside in Spain, including the EU and also the wider Schengen zone.

This visa may be granted to people who carry out a significant investment in Spain, as set out hereinbelow:
• Investment in real estate over and above €500,000.00 (which may be invested in different properties throughout Spain).
• Investment in bank deposits or stocks of Spanish companies over and above €1,000,000.00.
• Investment in Spanish Treasury Bonds over and above €2,000,000.00.
• If you start a business project that is of general interest, that creates jobs or that may have a significant socio-economic impact.

The investor shall be able to include within the resident’s permit application the investor’s family (a single spouse and children) and accordingly this is a particularly safe option for families who want to begin to reside in Spain.

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