Charming Marbella - Old Town
Charming Marbella

The Old Town of Marbella… A Treasure

Marbella is revitalizing its old town with four boutique hotel projects. A Swiss private investor has just acquired four boutique hotel projects in the Old Town, designed to attract visitors who, in addition to their substantial financial resources, are also interested in culture.

The establishments, some of which are nearing completion, occupy historic buildings in the city centre and, although due to certain characteristics of these properties, located in the oldest part of the city and inaccessible to road traffic, do not meet all the requirements for maximum hotel qualification, they aspire to offer a high standard of luxury service. The aim is to address a market that still has a relatively small weight in Marbella, that of tourists who are more attracted by the historical and gastronomic attractions of the city than by its nightlife.

Ownership of the four properties was held by a Swiss investment fund and was recently acquired by an individual investor, although the management of the construction of the hotels and their positioning in the tourism sector is carried out by the Rhône company, which is dedicated to advising and managing real estate operations focused on the residential sector and luxury hotels.

Although the administrative and commercial management of the four hotels is carried out jointly, they are projects at different stages of development.

The first to be set up is in a palace house in Calle Ancha, which was the residence of the Ardois family at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, who operated one of the active mines in the Marbella area. Thus, one of the walls of the building that has been preserved is built with quartz ore from this operation, as the CEO of Rhône, Miguel Cerván, explains.

This hotel, which will open after the summer under the name My Zone Ardois, will have nine rooms and a restaurant with at least 25 tables.

At the same time, still in October, a second establishment is due to open in a historic palace located in Santo Cristo Square, in the northern part of the old town, next to the chapel of the same name. This hotel will have 15 rooms.

Other initiatives included in this project include the recovery of the former El Castillo inn and its conversion into a high-end establishment. It is also a historic building, located in San Bernabé Square, which already in the 18th century served as a wine cellar and offered accommodation to travellers. This new 16-room hotel is expected to open to the public between November and December.

The last of the four hotels is the one that will be built in the former conservatory, another historic and emblematic building of the old town located in the Puerta de Ronda Square. This project, which has already obtained the required authorisations, will consist of the construction of a hotel with 12 rooms of 50 square metres each. This is the only one of the four projects that has not yet begun construction.

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